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"…I feel like the vibe is very playful, how do you guys keep it together on set?"

"Joss gets mad at us sometimes…"


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Robert Downey Jr. nicknames Chris Evans “Dorito”.

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Misha shows us how he looks when he texts/tweets and J2 proceed to make fun of him

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#jen’s reaction every time colin talks about killian and his feelings for emma#is actually the cutest (✿◠‿◠)

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Elizabeth Henstridge, Clark Gregg, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Ming-Na Wen and Brett Dalton attend “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” & “Marvel’s Agent Carter” during Comic-Con International 2014 on July 25, 2014

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My homemade mushroom, Olive, and spinach pizza. With @tabi_marie518’s homemade crust.

My homemade mushroom, Olive, and spinach pizza. With @tabi_marie518’s homemade crust.

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@tabi_marie518’s homemade margarita pizza! #omnomnom #foodporn #sogood

@tabi_marie518’s homemade margarita pizza! #omnomnom #foodporn #sogood

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ain’t nobody mess with Minnie’s man.

THE FUCKING POINT AND THE WAVE she’s like “bitch bye you can fucking step.”

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when i was in year 5, i did a speech on clumsiness for my school’s public speaking contest and to be clever, i tripped on my way to the stage dropping my note cards all over the place, but then i pulled the real ones out of my pocket saying ‘if you’re going to be clumsy, it pays to be prepared!’

everyone lost their shit and i got second place

If you got second place who got first… Did they talk about fire safety and burn the stage down or something

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